Girard Manor

South of Phinneyville and east of Brandonville is Girard Manor, the oldest settlement in East Union Township. Tradition has it that a tribe of the Oneida Indians had a settlement at this place. The first house was probably the log cabin near the present Hardy farm which was later used as a church. The first white settler was probably Henry Gilbert in 1811. The Gottschall, the Temon, and the Klase families were early settlers.

Later Stephen Girard of Philadelphia purchased vast areas of land in East Union Township and, it is believed, that he lived here for a short time. At his death in 1831, these lands came into the possession of his heirs, and in 1854, John A. Girard, John Fabricus Girard, and Stephania (Girard) DeLentilhac made a settlement. John erected a Gothic manor, covered in the usual European manner, with a profusion of grape vines and finely shaded by handsome trees. Surrounded by elaborate pools and gardens, this mansion picturized the grandeur and beauty of France.