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This is a reminder to all East Union Township Residents that Landlords must get their Rental Properties Registered at the East Union Township Municipal Building. Each Landlord with rental properties in the Township of East Union must pay a $5.00 fee per unit in the Township annually. There is a one-time Occupancy Permit Fee of $10.00 for every new Occupant, which is payable by the Occupant.  Age 65 and older and under age 18 is exempt from the Occupancy Fee. The Landlord/Owner will be held responsible for occupant’s negligence to pay $10.00 occupancy permit fee. Failure to comply with Ordinance #2008-7 is a direct violation of East Union Townships’ Ordinance #2008-7 and will result in fines or penalties and WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.


Copies of the full Ordinance as well as Registration Forms and Occupancy Permit Forms are available at the East Union Township Municipal Building located at 10 East Elm Street, Sheppton, PA 18248.



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Formed in 1867 in northeastern Pennsylvania and located in the northern part of Schuylkill County, East Union Township includes the villages of Oneida, Sheppton, Brandonville and Phinneyville. It is located just south of the city of Hazleton, Pa., as well as Humbolt industrial park, Eagle Rock ski resort, and the intersection of interstates 80 and 81.

The purpose of this website is to reach out to those who live in East Union Township and help them stay involved in their local government. We have provided various applications, ordinances and other forms for download. We are also including minutes from our township meetings, as well as contact information for East Union Township.